Why Risk Management?

“Product recall results in loss of market share”. “Contaminated industrial site impacts neighbouring community, operating permits are withdrawn”. “Failure of new technology delays start-up, project financing in peril.”

These are some of the catastrophic or unintended outcomes of competitive business decisions that can impact on the reputation and financial stability of any organization. Successful companies understand and effectively manage their business risks, thereby taking advantage of opportunities where others see only threats or negative consequences. In an increasingly complex business environment, managing risk is a core skill that provides an important competitive advantage and is essential for success.

RM Solutions advocates a strategic approach for managing business and operating risks. Developing and implementing a Strategic Risk Management program will enable an organization to meet or exceed its corporate governance obligations and manage the prominent risks that impact on reputation and financial stability.

Strategic Risk Management
RM Solutions Services
Benefits to Client
  • Risk Assessment & Risk Profiling
  • Business Risk Management Strategy Created
  • Risk Management Programs & Systems
  • Focus Resources on Prominent Risks
  • Best Practices for Managing Risk
  • Avoid Losses & Litigation. Minimize Impact
  • Due Diligence Management Reports
  • Meet Corporate Governance Obligations

A Primary Responsibility of the Board of Directors of a Listed Company is the Identification and Monitoring of the Principal Risks of the Business.” The Dey Report to The Toronto Stock Exchange, 1994.