Environmental Insurance

Environmental Insurance & Risk Financing Solutions

Developing and implementing an effective environmental risk financing program requires the focused efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with experience in the legal, engineering, financial, real estate and insurance issues of a contaminated site. We work closely with the client and its advisors and we are unencumbered by normal broker conflicts and pressures.

RM Solutions can directly access and place specialty insurance and alternative risk financing programs to assist clients in developing a financial guarantee and cost cap of their environmental liabilities on an individual site or portfolio of sites. This would involve the following:

  • Identify and evaluate all financial options for real estate transactions – escrow funds required for retained risk; property sale including transfer of liabilities to third party entities (brownfield property developers/special purpose companies/remediation firms);
  • Define the insurance requirements and identify the prospective markets – local & international;
  • Develop the technical underwriting information to obtain the most competitive rates and coverage terms;
  • Place coverage directly into the insurance, reinsurance and alternative risk transfer markets, locally and internationally. Arrange locally admitted policies.

RM Solutions also provides the following environmental risk advisory services to clients and their advisors:

  • Project management of engineering issues and technical services to the owner;
    Co-ordinate with legal counsel and environmental consultants to obtain regulatory approvals and permitting;
  • Co-ordinate with legal counsel and real estate advisors to define sale/purchase agreements for real estate transactions;
  • Identify appropriate remediation projects in which a third party Remediation Firm will provide a guaranteed cost with profit sharing incentive.
  • Document environmental damages for claims recovery from historical liability policies.