4 Reasons Why the Sink Fills Up When I Run My Dishwasher

The worst scenario ever—after a family dinner, the kitchen sink is filled with the water from dishwasher. No person wants to deal with this annoying mess and is confused as to why it happens. To find out the reasons, solutions, and prevention, read on!

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What is the cause for my sink’s plumbing problem?

The dishwasher, the gap for air, the disposal for garbage or the sink—these are places to look at as soon as a kitchen plumbing problem arises. Before contacting the Toronto plumber service, the first thing to do is cutting the power to the garbage disposal and the dishwasher. It is best to unplug them. Turn off the water too.

  1. Blockage of the Dishwasher

Due to the draining problem in the dishwasher, the water remains standing. To find the obstructions, check drain hose and the drainer. Always use an adequate amount of the preferred dishwashing detergent, not more, because the residue which forms over time can clog your drain.

  1. Sink with a Clog

Coffee grounds, citrus peels, eggshells, bones, and the other common waste foods clog the sink if it’s all going down the garbage disposal. Septic tank trouble is imminent with this habit.

If a clog is preventing the draining of the water through the sink, Toronto plumber service says that there are a few ways using which unclogging can be done by you. They are:

  •   Run the garbage disposal
  •   Use sink cleaner
  •   Snake the drain

If the problem still persists, contact the Toronto plumber service immediately for fixing the problem.

  1. Blockage of the Air Gap

Located beside the faucets, air gaps prevent backing up of waste-water with the separation of the hoses. If a clog occurs, this doesn’t allow the waste-water to come up and can contaminate the clean dishes.

If the water is flowing from the air gap into the sink, the gap for air is clogged. If the blockage cannot be found and removed, contact Toronto plumber services to get the gap for air unclogged efficiently.

  1. Plug of Garbage Disposal

If the plug which covers the opening in which the dishwasher water goes is left without removing after installation, your sink may fill up.

If there is a suspicion that this is the case, contact Toronto plumber service to get the plug of garbage disposal removed.

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Some problems are better solved by the pros.

With the DIY craze going wild, most people think that they can handle any plumbing problems on their own. However, there are a few questions which you need to ask yourself before attempting anything like that.

Do you have the tools? Do you have the required time to complete the whole process? Do you have any previous experience?

The Toronto plumber service suggests that you don’t do it by yourself because plumbing problems which arise after trying it yourself can be much harder to tackle. Use the services of a top-rated plumber and solve your plumbing related problems right away, with the least effort!