Environmental Management Systems

 Gap Analysis and Audits
Initial gap analysis to determine the status of an organization’s legislative compliance status and its environmental management system (EMS) relative to ISO 14001 or CSA Z809 Sustainable Forest Management System. Support in the internal EMS audit function to assure independence.

 Facility Compliance Assessments
Detailed assessment of facility compliance with federal, provincial and local air, water, waste, transportation of dangerous goods and emergency response legislation. Specialized assessments of compliance with internal company policies and standards or adopted codes of practice.

 Management System Development
Development of environmental management systems which meet ISO 14001 requirements. Procedure development and training on ISO 14001 and CSA Z809 in preparation for registration. Streamlining management systems in occupational health, safety, process safety, product safety and environment.

Preparing government approval applications for new or modified processes and operations for noise, water and air emissions.

 Emission Inventories
Preparation of emission inventories according to the federal National Pollutant Release Inventory requirements.

 Emergecy Preparedness and Response
Identification of operational risks. Preparation of emergency preparedness and response programs. Training.